is an international community and network of people participating from around the world. People who love to live adventurously, and want to develop their adventurous skills and meet like-spirited people. The homepage features Jed’s inspiring interviews with people who share their experience of entering unknown territory and what their adventure has brought them.

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AdventurousPeople.TV empowers you to live the life you desire from deep within, so you can live the life that is yours, while nurturing your dreams. The interviews will inspire you how you can realize your dreams, activate your creativity, drop thinking that limits you and discover the world is bigger than you think. You don’t have to do everything alone and you can discover that it is wonderful to embrace your unconscious mind as a dear friend.

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Jed’s big interest in everything to do with Personal Growth, inspires the direction of his interviews and is also why AdventurousPeople.TV is currently promoting the 100-Day Reality Challenge on its home page. And that’s also why you find the interviews around Personal Development in the top right corner of the home page. When you look at the interviews in this section, you will find some uniquely Adventurous Services that will probably intrigue you. Services that are all about how to make more room for adventure in your life and develop your Adventurous Skills!

The Life Goal Session is an amazing experience as Arlette reads your subconscious and reveals the inner essence of exactly what you have to do to allow happiness to blossom in your life. And I’m sure you will be inspired by Irene’s 9 Steps to Reinventing Yourself, which is a step-by-step program that can propel your creativity in a new direction where problems are transformed into adventures. After completing Irene’s program myself, I was inspired to create AdventurousPeople.TV The Soul Journey by Linda Keen is a big adventure in itself. I encourage you to have a look.

Besides that, you will find an adventurous journey listed. Ejai, Journeys to develop Yourself. Truly impressive. EJAI is an individual electronic journey where your host Jai will take you on a 3-hour trip around the block. He will guide you with text messages and emails, and provide instructions and questions intended to open up your mind as you travel. It’s like a date with yourself. Jed personally experienced the Destination Now Ejai journey as a half a day holiday exploring his future. What leads you into the unknown? Living adventurously means your soul needs to expand, and that in the new and the unknown, you can grow. It’s a human need to have a level of certainty, but we also need uncertainty. When you enter the unknown something happens.

But what? Why? And, what’s in it for you? AdventurousPeople.TV is about exploring, discovering and sharing the beauty of living adventurously and the excitement of self-development. Adventurous living can bring you to the core of your existence. We invite you to read further, listen to some stories, and make your contribution in the quest as to why human beings always want some adventure in their lives, and why we want to conquer our fears and venture into unknown territory. Jed is your host on this journey, and is touched by the spirits of people driven to discover the reason of their existence: Why are we on earth, what is our destiny, why do we behave the way we do, and how can we control our own destiny and fulfill all the dreams we have?

Please join our network and let’s create new horizons together!

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