Entrepreneur in Kenya 8''

Melia was 35 when a holiday to Mombassa thought her that Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, had no facilities for campers traveling through Africa. And on a whim she decided to start her own campground in Nairobi city. Borrowed some money and grew the business grew successfully. After five years she was able to buy a neglected resort on Mt Kenya, that she renovated to what it is today, a beautiful eco resort with 17 rooms. I have known Melia for years before she moved to Kenya, but it took her 50th birthday to find my way to this retreat. On camera she tells her remarkable story.

8 minute video

If you want to communicate with Melia, please register with AdventurousPeople.TV and we’ll get back to you by Email. Want to try Melia’s amazing place? You will experience real adventure for money. The resort is a 2.5 hour drive from Nairobi and then you are in a lush and very green part of Africa. This is the last resort before the top of Mt Kenya. From here you can walk to the top in three days. Or you can make beautiful short walks in the wilderness, ride horseback or just sit on the porch and enjoy the views and watch the elephants passing by.

WEBSITE:  www.castleforestlodge.com/castle/show.htm