Conor Grennan went to Nepal to work as volunteer with Orphan’s. His vision changed when he discovered that these children still had parents! It became his promise to bring Home the Los Children of Nepal. He wrote a book about his adventure: ‘Little Princes’ (Dutch: Een Nieuwe Toekomst) We meet in Hotel Ambassador, Amsterdam.

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GowithBo is about experiential travel where the budget is not your primary focus … experiences are. Bojan Tercon is based in Singapore, however, travels the globe regularly always looking for new adventures. By chance and fate, has met him a few times. Sometimes with the camera turned on. Now featered three interviews that will tell his story. And in these interviews Bojan talks about his adventures in Myanmar, on Nikoi Island and on Lombok.

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Immigrate to Australia on a shoestring

Andrew moved a few years ago from Amsterdam to Australia. With his family and three kids they now live in Coffs Harbour, a beautiful small town on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Andrew tells about his highs and lows. In the background you can hear one million grasshoppers that got very excited too.

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Entrepreneur in Kenya

Melia was 35 when a holiday to Mombassa thought her that Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, had no facilities for campers traveling through Africa. And on a whim she decided to start her own campground in the city. Borrowed money and grew the business successfully. After five years she was able to buy and renovate a bunch of huts on Mt Kenya into a beautiful ecoresort.

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