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Immigrate to Australia on a shoestring

Andrew moved a few years ago from Amsterdam to Australia. With his family and three kids they now live in Coffs Harbour, a beautiful small town on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Andrew tells about his highs and lows. In the background you can hear one million grasshoppers that got very excited too.

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Daniel Villela is from Brazil, lives in Amsterdam and talks with Jed about his years in Brazil before he moved over to Amsterdam. And about him arriving in The Netherlands. This video is behind a lock, you can request to see the interview. Sent Jed an email and just aks.

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The Ice Queen

Lotte has recently returned from living and working in Shanghai. Now back in Amsterdam, she is ready to teach the Dutch how to make a delicious Sorbet the Shanghai way. Lotte is available to come to you with her special sorbet making machine and introduce a whole new dimension in fresh fruit flavors. And sells this beautiful tool too. Especially for kids.

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Entrepreneur in Kenya

Melia was 35 when a holiday to Mombassa thought her that Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, had no facilities for campers traveling through Africa. And on a whim she decided to start her own campground in the city. Borrowed money and grew the business successfully. After five years she was able to buy and renovate a bunch of huts on Mt Kenya into a beautiful ecoresort.

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