Introduction of Adventurous People


Lilou Mace is an internet icon. She recently had her 5 millionth visitor! Besides being an interviewer and performer, Lilou has created a fabulous ‘Help each other to realise your Dreams website,’ called ‘The Hundred Days Reality Challenge.’ We met in Paris and talk about The Reality Challenge and about Lilou’s own dreams.

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Suzanna sings in Portuguese / Creole. Her music style is Zouk. She is born in Cape Verde, and moved to The Netherlands. Suzanna is now famous all around Africa, parts of Europe and Brazil. Jed meets her in a park in Rotterdam and talks about the mystery of being creative.

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Lorna has been living with Angels from an early age. Now as an adult the Angels told her to tell her story to the world. Lorna became the voice of god’s angels. Lorna wrote two books, her first ‘Angels in my Hair’ became an international bestseller. She just finished her second book ‘Stairways to Heaven’. Next to writer Lorna is a speaker.

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linda keen interview

Linda Keen is a known psychic, experienced teacher and gifted writer. She will take you on a trip to a world you haven’t met before. After she has brought you safely into a trance state, you will take off and meet other spirits, ancestors and maybe you will experience a past life! It will be a breath-taking journey into the spiritual world.

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Sunny Dawn Johnston

Lilou interviews Sunny Dawn Johnston about why some people see angels where others experience spirits. And more!

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Florentine Christian

After a career in real estate Florentine studied sustainable social systems in the United States. Went for a development organisation to Tanzania and talks about the difference between her own developed country the US and Tanzania. Florentine comes to some unexpected conclusions.

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Immigrate to Australia on a shoestring

Andrew moved a few years ago from Amsterdam to Australia. With his family and three kids they now live in Coffs Harbour, a beautiful small town on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Andrew tells about his highs and lows. In the background you can hear one million grasshoppers that got very excited too.

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Conor Grennan went to Nepal to work as volunteer with Orphan’s. His vision changed when he discovered that these children still had parents! It became his promise to bring Home the Los Children of Nepal. He wrote a book about his adventure: ‘Little Princes’ (Dutch: Een Nieuwe Toekomst) We meet in Hotel Ambassador, Amsterdam.

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GowithBo is about experiential travel where the budget is not your primary focus … experiences are. Bojan Tercon is based in Singapore, however, travels the globe regularly always looking for new adventures. By chance and fate, has met him a few times. Sometimes with the camera turned on. Now featered three interviews that will tell his story. And in these interviews Bojan talks about his adventures in Myanmar, on Nikoi Island and on Lombok.

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AdventurousPeople.TV is born to explore, share, and discover the beauty of living adventurously. The homepage features inspirational interviews done by Jed (Jelle) Boelen. Jed had also selected some interesting footage on YouTub, you may enjoy watching. If you would like to keep up with all the new video’s, please subscribe to our newsletter.


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Your host – Jed – interviewed by Lilou Mace. Living an adventurous life. How and why!?! Jed Boelen

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Kevin Cottam

Kevin is creative director of Energia, the hottest Holiday on Ice show. Next to choreographer Kevin is inspirational coach & speaker. We talk about his Aha Moments in life.

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Arlette van Deutekom, reading your life goals

Arlette developed a technique to read your subconscious and reveal your life goals. The things you have to do that contribute for 100% to your happiness. After a 9-year career as product manager with an international bank she moved to a totally different career. Reading your ‘other-than-conscious’ mind and helping you to understand which steps you should take towards new adventures or which issues you should overcome.

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Erik Jan de Rooij self-development

Ejai offers electronically guided journeys into the unknown, to develop your Adventurous Skills.

Erik-Jan de Rooij founded Ejai and talks about living adventurously. The Ejai journeys go by email and textmessage guidance. You get directions, questions and challenges delivered where you are. Ejai is based on the proven concept of amaseu. Erik-Jan de Rooij founded amaseu in 1996. Since then over, 60.000 people have experienced the transformational powers of the amaseu journeys. Amaseu journeys allows people to discover their true self and live more meaningful and conscious lifes. Besides amaseu journeys, Erik has gone on to develop Ejai, which offers electronically guided journeys for individuals that last anywhere from 1 to 20 hours.

YOU can do one of these journeys, they are inexpensive and you only need a laptop and a mobile phone! Here out Erik on his views on living adventurously.

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Are you a little anxious about taking the next step towards your adventure? Within you lies your dream, so let’s explore it with a minimum of time, money and effort. For many years, I developed dreams for a living, as a concept designer in the fashion industry. I know that you possess all of the ingredients for your own unique adventure and a still hope to make it come true! Let me assist you in making sense of your creative process by leading you through the 9 Habits of Reinvention, dedicated to making your dream a reality. Jed tried it last year and look what he is doing now! Check out my video on how the 9 habits of reinvention can assist you.

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